Nahla waNahil is an award-winning e-literacy platform designed by Arabic language experts to help K-8 students to enhance Arabic literacy in the most engaging and interactive manner. Its unique and scientific design is developed to extend a customised learning experience to primary children at home and at school based on their unique cognitive pace.

As digital transformation has created ripples across the education sector and into modern-day classrooms, the Ministry of Education UAE has embarked on a strategic partnership with Nahla waNahil, a digital solution by TechKnowledge, for grades K-8 blended learning.

The objective behind this move was to deliver the effective and engaging learning solution, Nahla waNahil, to young minds while simultaneously igniting their passion for their native language.

As a result of the partnership, Nahla waNahil was made a compulsory resource for all public and private primary schools to enrich Arabic learning outcomes across the Emirates.

The development took place in early 2020, right before the global pandemic placed a dent in the smooth functioning of schools and educational institutions on account of its social distancing restrictions.

This timely move has been a game-changer. It facilitated in transitioning primary Arabic learning across the country towards what can be called a new era of education – backed by custom learning experiences for every student and hard data on learning outcomes achieved.

The extensive levelled content on the app is carefully curated, covering over 160 subject areas

In addition to supporting schools, the Nahla waNahil platform has provided a solid means to raise the overall bar in Arabic reading, comprehension, and excellence among primary learners. It has complemented the blended learning needs of present times, while offering an exciting mechanism for children to learn the Arabic language at their own academic capability.

The extensive levelled content on the app is carefully curated, covering over 160 subject areas, thousands of stories, and hundreds of print-and-do activities to ensure interactive learning experiences. Students get the option to read, listen and record their own pronunciation in Arabic on the Web and app-based portal.

The Nahla waNahil platform empowers educators with an efficient mechanism to conduct assignments, assessments, and competitions, and keep track of the learning progress through detailed reports and statistics. Parents of students also get a chance to gain an understanding of their child’s progress in Arabic language skills, backed by actual learning data – something that was not possible to this level of accuracy earlier.

Over the course of the past year, this partnership between the Ministry of Education UAE and Nahla waNahil, has brought substantial improvement in children’s Arabic language skills. This fusion of technology is here to stay in the Arabic learning system, paving the path for the entire academic community.