(Dubai – June 4, 2017) – Al Manhal, the leading Arabic, electronic, academic publisher, launched the “Nahla wa Nahil” platform for children aged 4-11 at a seminar that was held recently in Dubai under the title “Literacy for the 21st Century.” The seminar was attended by administrators, principles, curriculum coordinators, department heads, and teachers from schools across the United Arab Emirates.

Created by teachers to improve Arabic reading and comprehension for native and non-native Arabic speakers, “Nahla wa Nahil” is the leading Arabic levelled reading platform, with more than 1,000 books, games, and videos from the most authoritative educational publishers in the Middle East.

In addition to books, the platform provides thousands of formative assessments, games, and activities that foster engagement and critical thinking.

Teachers can use “Nahla wa Nahil” to establish their students’ reading and comprehension levels, and monitor progress, in order to deliver personalized learning solutions based on the specific needs of each student.

Commenting on the occasion, CEO of Al Manhal Mohamad Al Baghdadi said, “We are very excited by ‘Nahla wa Nahil.’ With the launch of this platform, we are finally providing the world with an authoritative, interactive, and engaging platform that gives both native and non-native Arabic readers access to thousands of online Arabic books and educational content resources.”

Al Baghdadi went on to say, “Our main objective for this platform is to encourage new generations of tech-savvy children in the Middle East and beyond to read Arabic in a format that they enjoy, in order to foster a passion for reading and learning.”  

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