Market Research Please, Not Fake News


530 years ago or so, everyone thought that the world was flat.  This is not a commentary on the ‘flat-earthers’ of today that will try to convince you that we live on a flat surface, under a dome with Antarctica forming a frozen barrier around the edge of our disc we call Earth (yes, this is real, Flat Earth, National Geographic).

Although, a little reliable research will show that Columbus – and no one really in 1492 – still believed that the Earth was flat, this had been a conventional wisdom.  Columbus was looking for a faster trade route to the far-east, and did not discover America, by the way.  Faster trade remains a competitive and financial advantage today for any market strategy. 

Other examples of conventional wisdoms supposedly based on fact: The Earth is the center of the universe, the atom cannot be split, travelling to the moon is impossible, no person can run a mile in under 4 minutes, you can’t mix chocolate and peanut butter (I just threw that one in for fun). (By the way, how much time do you think Abraham Lincoln spent on the Internet each day in 1860? Notice the quote graphic).

You see the point.  If the foundations and suppositions you begin with are not solid, aren’t you working on a ladder with only one leg? If the foundation on which research is conducted is erroneous, how can the research produce a significant result?  You must start with a foundation of solid information from reliable sources and based on factual information.  Market intelligence drawing on in-depth primary and secondary research, databases of proprietary in house data and high quality analysis from experts like those at Global Market Analyst.

This can be a challenge.  Not only do we see so much ‘Fake News’ and reprinted press releases from media without the integrity to do their fundamental jobs of validation, but lots of bespoke ‘research’ paid for by a private company with an interest in slanting the results to support a position statement.  This is bogus research, and certainly not reliable or credible, and far too common.

Let’s say, for example, that you needed a foundation of market research knowledge about the Asia-Pacific Anti-Aging Cosmetics market, or, the global Agri-business delivering on sustainable development goals.  These would be critical to any following planning, initiatives, or further investigation.

Well, research means the systematic investigation as well as the study of sources or material or things so that the facts can be established or the conclusion drawn.

So it’s actually about finding the truth through experiment or investigation using scientific methods. Research has clear significance and its reliability is clearly critical to any work that follows.

• Previous laws and theories made regarding any subject are the result of research
• Modern scientific study and experiments are purely based on research
• Strategies and business plans are applied knowledge as a result of market research

Fortunately, your SWOT analysis of the reliable sources of research provides a solid answer. Innovative thinking and new ways of approaching issues based on data and analysis at the company, country and industry levels including competitors, valuations, trends, forecasts, and analytics can be found from Global Market Analyst.

Global Market Analyst contains over 100,000 market research reports across a broad range of industries and the collection is growing on a daily basis. In addition, our powerful online tools let you search and filter results in order to get accurate results in minimum time. We also work with renowned publishing partners in order to provide accurate research data and analysis. Browse our reports via the industry tabs on the website at: