UFO Spotted over the Arabian Gulf

You may have picked up on this story on one or two online ‘reports.’  Someone claims to have seen a UFO, posts something, it is then picked up by someone who reposts this in a ‘report’ or random newsletter, blog, webcast, etc.  It is then believed by many, and often by many who should know better.

Now, maybe there are UFOs cruising over us every once in a while.  Maybe aliens did build the Great Pyramids like some would like to claim.  Maybe.  I’m no expert, but, I do know that a bit of digging reveals that these recent reports were drawn from someone who thought they were just having some fun.  A joke, completely made up for laughs, or just to see how many people they could trick into believing this.

Unfortunately, there is an abundance of unverified, unreliable, and clearly biased ‘information’ that is propagated every day.  This is not just UFOs we are talking about, but social, political, economic, and business ‘information’ that has far greater impact.  Finding reliable, highly credible sources of information and market analysis is more important than ever.

You shouldn’t have to be an investigative journalist to validate your sources when you are doing market research or preparing a market study or industry report.

This same dynamic applies to us all as consumers - and we are all ‘consumers’ as breathing humans who use the Internet.  It turns out that, particularly for considered purchases, consumers care more that a product has demonstrated trustworthiness - a great experience with it, the product content answers their concerns or questions, and positive reviews – than anything else.  (2018 Consumer Research Report from salsify.com)

So, when considering information sources for your: Agribusiness analysis, Medical Device product pipeline analysis, Oil and Gas, Retail, Technology and Communications strategic SWOT analyses, or thousands of others – you clearly would want a very high level of ‘trustworthiness’.  As well you should.

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I like things I can trust.  And being worthy of one’s trust - trustworthiness - never goes out of style.  I really don’t think that the guy who called trying to sell me a used UFO is up to this standard!  I’m pretty sure I can find a better source.