Remember the old saying, ‘An apple a day keeps the doctor away’? Well, a contemporary spin that says, ‘The right App today means learning and play’ feels as appropriate and timely for kids today as the old adage.  Kids spend a great deal of time on their digital devices and there is no shortage of ‘an app for everything’ with downloads waiting and vying for their attention.

Children have expectations about how things should function, engage them, and keep their interest.  This is why elements of gamification are built into Nahla wa Nahil.  If young students are engaged, interest level soars, their retention of information improves, and they can enjoy reading and learning in Arabic.

Playing educational games has always been part of effectively teaching young children.  How we accomplish this has just changed a bit with technology.  That’s life.  The world moves ever forward.

GESS Education Award winner in 2019 as 'Best Primary Resource', Nahla wa Nahil was created by Arabic language teachers to ensure that K-5 students at all reading levels have access to the appropriate resources they need to improve their Arabic reading and comprehension skills.

Nahla wa Nahil App - 'School' and 'Home' editions in one App!

Nahla wa Nahil is the #1 Arabic language literacy app that both educates and entertains students and children between the ages of 4 and 11.

More than 800 Arabic eBooks from the Arab world’s leading publishers.
Bilingual interface: Easily switch between Arabic and English.
Gamification: Gaming characteristics enhance the reading and learning experience.
• Hundreds of audio books.
“Clicking-on-the-word” Listen to the word, helps a child’s fluency and improved reading level.


While reading educational Arabic stories, kids can have fun while learning! The app is accessible 24/7 via the Web, meaning your students and children can read and take quizzes on their iOS or Android tablets. Anytime, anywhere - at home, or on the go.

The Nahla wa Nahil app is free to download, but access to the content requires a subscription. For more information about our subscription plans, please visit our website:

• If you are a STUDENT, simply log in with the account provided by the school (the same as per the web access).
• If you are an INDIVIDUAL, sign in, select a plan, register, and set up your account.

The Nahla wa Nahil app makes reading FUNdamental!