I’m trying to teach my cat to understand Arabic.  She seems to grasp an understanding for ‘khalas’ when it comes to things like ‘that’s all the treats for today’ or ‘we are done with the brushing and grooming.’ That’s a start, but she has so many more questions.

She was questioning me the other day, while I was working on some business research and proposals, about where I was getting my information.  While she watched diligently as I searched and clicked my way through vast amounts of different sources, not finding reliable data and growing more frustrated with wasted time, she ‘meowed’ at me something that I swear sounded like ‘There’s got to be a better way.’

‘You’re right!’ I enthusiastically replied in my best ‘meow’ imitation, and I went to a source I should have started with from the beginning.

We are tremendously fortunate to have vast amounts of knowledge, information, and Arabic content readily available to us online.  So many things and so much can be almost instantly and conveniently accessed.  We simply have to make use of it.

Time, location, and access have been the three biggest traditional reasons one would hear as reasons why people did not utilize potentially available resources. But, what used to be potential barriers have been turned into advantages and benefits with technology and the right solution.

Academia Arabia Library is the first online research library of its kind which offers readers unrivaled access to hundreds of thousands of publications from the Arab world. Academia Arabia is the most trusted source for academic information and electronic Arabic content for schools, universities, libraries, and institutions.  It contains a vast collection of Arabic research, theses, books, journals, and reports available across connected devices.

Academia Arabia Library is designed to foster online reading and publishing of Arabic scholarly content. It is an innovative digital content library created with the vision of offering Arabic readers and content consumers a cost-effective way to access trusted Arabic publications that supports the legal and financial requirements of the Arab publishing industry.

So, quit ‘meowing’ your way through the random mazes of time-absorbing stuff that can leave you feeling like you’ve had your fur brushed in the wrong direction! Work from reliable sources and information you can trust and keep your research ‘purring’ along.

Wow! Reading the previous paragraph, I think my cat is teaching me more than I’m teaching her! Very clever my little furry one…