All the time in the world.  Do you find yourself with an abundance of time and nothing to do? Just filling your days doing your job, making lots of cups of coffee and tea, taking in a bit of the panoramic view outside your window.

With lots of time to kill, it is actually entertaining when you are searching for some information and Arabic content and the sources you try return some results that might make you laugh, might make you groan, and will definitely mean that you will need to check more sources to find out if what you are seeing is real, reliable, and worth using.

If this sounds like your average days, then you are probably looking through rose-colored windows at rainbows and unicorns right now!

The reality is that we are all pressured with too little time to do everything that needs to get done.

We are tremendously fortunate to have vast amounts of knowledge, information, and Arabic content readily available to us online.  So many things and so much can be almost instantly and conveniently accessed.  We simply have to make use of it. What used to be potential barriers have been turned into advantages and benefits with technology and the right solution.

Academia Arabia Library is the first online research library of its kind which offers readers unrivaled access to hundreds of thousands of publications from the Arab world. Academia Arabia is the most trusted source for academic information and electronic Arabic content for schools, universities, libraries, and institutions.  It contains a vast collection of Arabic research, theses, books, journals, and reports available across connected devices.

Academia Arabia Library is designed to foster online reading and publishing of Arabic scholarly content. It is an innovative digital content library created with the vision of offering Arabic readers and content consumers a cost-effective way to access trusted Arabic publications that supports the legal and financial requirements of the Arab publishing industry.

So, if you value the time you have and don’t need the random time wasters to fill up your days, then you will appreciate Academia Arabia. Otherwise, if you really need to waste time, there are plenty of articles online about a member of the U.S. Congress trying to convince you that the world is going to end in 12 years…