Books are a portal to our personal histories. Pick up a worn copy of a childhood favorite and you might be transported to the warmth of a parent’s arms or a beanbag chair in a first-grade classroom or a library in your hometown. Avid readers could build autobiographies around their favorite books and come to the realization that what they have read is almost as meaningful as when they read it.

As an example of the different meaning that books have at different stages of our lives; a high schooler poring over “To Kill a Mockingbird” for a summer reading assignment encounters a different book than someone who reads it decades later, closer in age and outlook to Atticus than Scout (Atticus is an older character. Scout, a younger one).

So, while the stories we read may have a different impact on us at various stages of our lives, at no time are they more important than when we are children.

Nahla wa Nahil is the leading Arabic language reading and comprehension resource for grades K-5, and the #1 Arabic language literacy app that both educates and entertains students and children between the ages of 4 and 11. More than 800 leveled Arabic books from the Middle East’s leading educational publishers, plus thousands of corresponding video lessons and resources support instruction, and foster engagement and critical thinking.

GESS Education Award winner in 2019 as 'Best Primary Resource,' Nahla wa Nahil was created by Arabic language teachers to ensure that K-5 students at all reading levels have access to the appropriate resources they need to improve their Arabic reading and comprehension skills.

Nahla wa Nahil App

On top of being accessible 24/7 via the web, Nahla wa Nahil also delivers reading access through its free app, meaning your students and children can read and take quizzes on their iOS or Android tablets - anytime, anywhere – at home or on the go.

•  More than 800 Arabic eBooks from the Arab world’s leading publishers.
•  Bilingual interface: Easily switch between Arabic and English.
•  Gamification: Gaming characteristics enhance the reading and learning experience.
•  Hundreds of audio books.
•  “Clicking-on-the-word” Listening to the word helps a child’s fluency and improved reading level.

While reading Arabic educational stories, kids can have fun while learning!

What moves one reader may not resonate with another, regardless of their age. So think of this as an invitation to look back at your own literary chronology: What spoke to you during a certain time in your life — and why? Also, think of this as a prompt to let Nahla wa Nahil help your child develop the skills and habits to build their own lifetime of reading. You never know what their favorites might turn out to be.

The Nahla wa Nahil app is free to download, but access to the content requires a subscription. For more information about our subscription plans, please visit our website: