There is an old episode of ‘The Twilight Zone’, which was a weekly science fiction television series back in the 1960’s, which I was reminded of a few days ago. In this particular episode there was a man who loved nothing more than a good book. His love of reading was one of the passions of his life and he was always trying to make time and find some quiet space to read the many books on his ever-growing list of ‘must reads’.

Of course, nothing is ever simple in the world of science fiction and this poor guy was constantly harassed and stressed by work, family, problems and just everyday life. Being a very timid and peaceful soul, he did not stand up for himself nor proactively manage life as it came at him. His time was seldom his own and he had seemingly no control over the demands on his time and daily life. All this man wanted to do was hide away so he could read in peace and he wished one night as he fell asleep that he was alone in the world so that he could find some peace and read.

Naturally, since this is science fiction, he wakes the next morning and everyone is gone. He is the only person left in the world. Streets are quiet and he is alone. As he gleefully celebrates his newfound freedom he begins to happily create stacks of books he wants to read. He walks a few blocks to a library and excitedly begins to collect the many works he wants, and stacks them on the concrete entry stairs leading up to the library. He sits next to one of the stacks on the stairs, giggling to himself as he tries to choose which book to start with. As he reaches for one that is off to one side his glasses fall from his nose and shatter on the concrete stairs. His eyesight is poor without them and he can now not see anything in focus. The pages of a book appear to him as nothing more than fuzzy smudges on paper.

This is how the story ends, simple and tragic.

Well, if there was ever a great case for audio books, or for ebooks where you can conveniently increase the font size as you like, this is it! Unfortunately for him, this guy didn’t have options. We however, do have options, convenience, availability and some great deals on many of the fantastic books of our time, as well as many classics.

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