People love lists: Shopping lists, Things-to-do, Task lists and more are used every day. At the close of each year we have countless lists for the ‘Best of this’ and the ‘Worst of whatever’ for the previous year.

As we start each New Year, people also make many resolutions. Without going into great detail, most of them never make it to the end of January. More falter by the end of February. Some do make it through however. Among the most ‘fulfillable’ resolutions is developing a reading list for books you want to read this year.

So, if we combine our effective use of lists with a fulfillable resolution, maybe we are on to something for this New Year.

Although you will probably have a list that will be longer than you can get to during one year, making any progress through great titles on your list is always a victory. Or, perhaps you prefer to start with a shorter list and build on it as you go. There are always interesting, inspiring, entertaining and thought-provoking new titles coming into publication each month to keep your appetite strong.

So, however you choose to approach your list, the important thing is to get started.

Personally, I like to break it down into categories. That way, I can have a more focused approach depending on what I’m working on, or what is currently topical, or if I am going on holiday. I always have a short-list of things I want to read for my mood or situation.

You can build your lists around subjects like the economy, cultural developments, social evolution, political insight or others that may be of interest to you. While you’re at it, don’t forget children’s stories as well. Building a small list for your children is a great way to get them started on a very positive life-habit as well!

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So, select the books you want at your leisure. Read them in the format you choose and build your lists full of subjects that grab your interest, entertain you or enhance your knowledge. This will be one of your favorite lists of this and every year.